Liberace at Thriller Villa

The Artists Vault

The labyrinthine subterranean vault of Thriller Villa is legendary.

After the King of Pop left Neverland Ranch, the incredible art collection of Michael Jackson disappeared.  Many speculated on its whereabouts at that time.  After returning to the US in 2006, Michael Jackson hid the collection here, under the Villa.  In the Artists Vault the collection was insured for $600 million.  Additional works of art arrived from his collection in London.  The collection then included many works of many great masters, as well as art of Michael Jackson himself.

By the time of his death, the collection had vanished.  Valued by some now at over $1 billion, Its whereabouts are unknown, its ownership uncertain.

The Artists Vault at Thriller Villa now host only the most discerning private collections for private gatherings.  It is not open to the public and at times may be photo restricted.

The Artists Vault is presently hosting the famed and priceless Liberace Museum Collection, and is staffed by the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts.  Private visits to the collection can be made available to guests of Thriller Villa.

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