Liberace at Thriller Villa

The Artists Vault

The labyrinthine subterranean vault of Thriller Villa is legendary.

The builder of Thriller Villa was, among other things, a tremendous art collector.  He built the underground secretly, to house his most valuable treasures.  There it stayed until his demise in the early 2000’s.

After returning to the US in 2006, Michael Jackson leased the property from the current owner, to hide his own massive art and treasures collection here, under the Villa.  In the Artists Vault, Michael Jackson’s collections were insured for $600 million.

In 2016 the Liberace Foundation developed an exhibit within the Vaults, to demonstrate the attraction of the Liberace Museum Collection to prospective exhibitors.  Visitors were instrumental in the development of Liberace’s exhibits at the Paris Museum of Modern Art in 2017, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MET Gala in 2019, and Monte Carlo Fashion Week in 2019, among others.

The Artists Vault at Thriller Villa now hosts only the most discerning private collections for private gatherings.  It is not open to the public and at times may be photo restricted.

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