Legal Disclaimer

This website has been established to answer questions and share a bit of this historic Las Vegas property with the public, while putting the public on notice that all of Hacienda Palomino, also known as Thriller Villa, is private property.

The property garners tremendous attention due to the publicity of its history.  Many uninvited guests visit the property to inquire about it.  No tours or commercial use of any kind is offered or permitted.  Please respect our privacy and that of our neighbors, and help us keep traffic to a minimum.  Please do not visit the property uninvited.  Feel free to contact us online with inquiries, and not at the property itself.

Thriller Villa and all of the entire compound known as Hacienda Palomino represent a private residence, not open to the public.  Nothing herein should be construed as an offer to buy, sell, rent, let, sublet or otherwise deal in real property in any way, by any party.  Nothing herein represents an offer to buy or sell anything or transact business of any kind in, on, about or in connection with Thriller Villa or Hacienda Palomino.  No business is transacted on the property, no industrial vehicle traffic is permitted to the property, ownership does not offer it as an event venue, and no promotion or listing of the property is sought.

Offers to rent the property for terms of over 30 days will be considered.