History of Thriller Villa

Built by an eccentric theater developer, a genius of accoustical engineering.  His secret design kept so, by use of legal slight of hand.  Underground passeges and closeted stairs, evesdrops and hidden rooms, it held millions in masterpieces, and strikes fear in the hearts of intruders who become lost in her labyrinth.

Tour Thriller Villa:  www.instatour.guide

Thriller Villa, the 1.75 acre legendary Las Vegas hacienda last occupied by Michael Jackson, with stunning interior designed by Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl, is available.

If the $9.5 million price tag is too steep for you, you may still be able to see the place. The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts curates collections on site, privately inviting VIP supporters to view the hacienda and its major exhibit. So for now, you can still toast two of history’s greatest showmen, amid the artifacts of their legacies.

Here’s just a taste of what visitors see, before entering the underground vaults which contain the Liberace Museum Collection.

Interested parties are invited to contact us for possibilities.