Brindisi Dining Room

A classic example of the builder’s penchant for creating an outdoor experience indoors, the Brindisi Dining Room recalls a town square and chapel, under a blue sky.  The ceiling is 20 feet, the ambiance light and airy with a medieval festivity feeling.  There is a skylighted terrarium and the windows have rolling blackout shutters to allow for a darkened effect, when desired in the day time.  The room has double doors and an extra service entrance apart from guests.  A dedicated restroom and air conditioning have allowed it to host up to 40, but it still feels most comfortable with about a dozen friends dining.

The Brindisi Dining Room is named for the song by the same name in the opera “La Traviata,” which was the first performance (by Marco Antonio Varela and Betsy Ann Fiore) at the 2012 inauguration of Thriller Villa.  The room as ample room for musical instruments and fantastic acoustics.