Michael Jackson and Liberace

Michael Jackson and Liberace were friends for years when this photo was taken in 1983


When Michael Jackson returned to the United States 2006, after living abroad for almost three years, he moved to Las Vegas.  Here he was negotiating to become an in-residence performer on the Strip, a practice first create by his old friend, Liberace.

Jackson’s final residence in Las Vegas was Hacienda Palomino, a 1.7 acre compound hidden in the center of the City.  He leased the property from a prominent Las Vegas philanthropist who owns it still.  Jackson was the last resident of the property.  It soon became known as “Thriller Villa.”

Built decades ago by an eccentric theater developer, the compound is managed by the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, which occupies the property today.

Renovations previously planned have been completed and this final bastion of Liberace’s old friend the King of Pop remains.  The property owner occasionally hosts private events for Las Vegas and international society, to benefit the Liberace Foundation.



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