World Premier of Art of Jimi Hendrix will be opening act in Artists Vault at Thriller Villa

Coveted artwork created by legendary guitarist emerges from forty-year legal battle

Select few invited to world premier of the artists proofs, in subterranean vault where Michael Jackson stashed his masterpieces.


When rock guitar catalyst Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 at the age of 27, many had already estimated the depth of his impact on music, performance and showmanship.  Few, however, knew the scope.

(c) Rolling StoneMost of Hendrix’s music would not be produced for publication until after his death, feeding a cataclysmic legal battle among heirs of his estate, as the legacy and its value grew.

And there is more.  In addition to creating the music that defined Woodstock and a generation, Hendrix put down on paper the images in his mind, which he often told friends and family he was constantly trying to define with his guitar.  Those images bore like names to the music they inspired.  Brilliant and thought provoking, they scream for interpretation.  The rights to the works have been tied up in court battles of the estate for four decades.

Until now.

Leon Hendrix and Jimi Hendrix

Leon Hendrix and Jimi Hendrix

On July 20, 2013 Thriller Villa and Rockin Artwork, LLC will present the world premier of ten works of Jimi Hendrix, in the Artists Vault at Thriller Villa, the former residence of Michael Jackson in Las Vegas.  Several of the extremely limited edition artists proofs and lithographs will be offered by Rockin Artwork to a select group of invited guests, as the Vault opens for the very first time to outsiders.  A special collection of never before-released photos of Jimi Hendrix will also be presented.

Leon Hendrix, brother of Jimi Hendrix, will be on hand to greet the guests and to personalize individual artists proofs and lithos.  For information contact or tweet @thrillervilla

Produced by Jonathan Warren, Andreas Sparkuhl and Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl

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  1. I wish that I was old enough at the time to see the greatest guitar player and lyrics writer of all time but i was only 9 when he died.To have see the greatest guitar player of all time would have been a dream come true. Even for the band’s and guitarist before and after him that’s how Innovated he really was. Pete Townsend and Jeff Beck was amazed at him when he first started playing in London Pete Townsend was even jealous when he see Jimi smashing guitars. I will never forget you or stop listening to your music like some people will never forget Elvis but I will one day see you in the after life but not yet not yet

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